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23 SkiDooLand   [1329 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Denver's Swing Board  
Arizona - Kats Korner   [1673 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Site for some more Arizona Dancing!  
Arizona Lindy Hop Society   [883 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Dedicated to preserving Lindy in Arizona  
Arizona Swing Network   [988 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    the Arizona Swing Network portal. It's designed to be a comprehensive, central resource for all things swing in Arizona. You should be able to find out where to learn swing dance, where to go out to lindy hop, shag, and/or balboa, chat with other swing dancers, view a list of vintage clothing stores in Arizona, post and read other people's opinions on the forum, view photos, etc. In short, all things swing in AZ.  
Athens, Ohio Lindy Bug   [1603 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Athens, Ohio -- seems not frequented  
Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association   [841 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The purpose of the Atlanta Swing Era Dance Association (ASEDA) is simple … to be your resource for swing dancing in the Atlanta region. ASEDA is a nonprofit organization that sponsors monthly community dances, swing dance workshops and any opportunity to show a zeal for the six- and eight-count rhythm. Our events, our dance instructors and our Big-Band trivia prowess are open and available to anyone interested - we're equal-opportunity dancers.  
Australia, Swing Talk   [1000 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    It's a board and more from Australia!  
Carelton RugCutters   [1153 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    This is the website dedicated to the Carleton swing scene. They also host awesome dances.  
Champaign-Urbana Illinois   [886 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    We are a Registered Student Organization at the University of Illinois. Our purpose is to promote the education and enjoyment of the various swing dance styles within the community of Champaign-Urbana. We hold dances, organize workshops and offer lessons teaching both East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop. Come check us out!  
Cincinatti, Ohio -- CincySwing   [982 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    CincySwing was founded in 1998 in the early years of the swing craze in Cincinnati and is completely devoted to preserving Lindy Hop Swing Dance in our town.  
Cleveland Swings   [1257 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Bulletin Board and more for Cleveland Swing Dancers.  
Colorado Swing Dance Network   [809 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Another Colorado Swing Site.  
Cream City Switchboard   [1231 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Milwaukee's Swing Dance Discussion Forum  
Cyclone Swing Society   [805 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    We're the Cyclone Swing Society and we've been a campus organization since Fall 2003. Our mission is to create a social dance environment for all levels of swing dancers here at Iowa State University as well as in the surrounding community. That's a stuffy way of saying that we want to have fun dancing, and we want you to dance with us.  
Dallas Swing Dance Society   [1149 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    It's alll in the name.  
Dance Forums   [881 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Hmm... stumbled on this... don't know anything about this though....  
Dance New Orleans   [1234 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    New Orleans Dance Discussion board  
Dayton, Ohio -- Swingout Dayton   [999 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    SwingOutDayton is an informal association of dancers who are dedicated to the study of Swing Era dances and their offshoots. We offer lessons, workshops, and social dance events in order to spread interest in the dance. All our events are open to the public, and there are no membership fees or dues.  
Detroit Town Stomp   [1045 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Detroit's Swing Forum  
Fargo [ND] Swings   [905 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    I guess it's a site for Fargo, ND. Use the term "site" loosely.  
Grinnell College's Swing Club   [1003 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Based in Grinnell, IA this active club provides dancing, lessons, workshops, and live music to the are on a regular basis.

" the swing society has been around for several years now, and is one of the largest student groups on campus. the club meets every monday evening in loose lounge at 8 if there's a lesson and at 9 for general dancing. currently the club is lead by justin riley [rileyjus], and eryn o'neil [oneileri].

[swing] has held several campus-wide events over the past year including two harris parties (one during each semester), several all campus workshops, and has brought out-of-town teachers to give lessons. this year, [swing] gave lessons during NSO and brought a live band to play during the first week of classes"  
Hawaii -- Pecking.org   [881 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Hawaii's online site for lindy.  
Heckzapoppin'   [1280 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    North Carolina's forum, calendar, photo gallery, etc.  
Hooked on Swing -- Western Massachussets   [727 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The Hooked on Swing Society of Western Massachusetts is a non-profit organization founded by dancers and dedicated to the promotion and preservation of swing dance. HOSS holds swing dances and offers group instruction and workshops throughout the year.

Support the Hooked on Swing Society! Use the membership form to join and support other enthusiastists promoting swing dancing in western Massachusetts!  
Hop to the Beat   [1270 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Lindy Hop in Boston, MA
Home of Beantown Lindy Hop Summer Camp/
Northeast Lindy Hop Championships  
Houston Swing Out   [1080 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The HSO Vision
Houston Swing Out is dedicated to nurturing the Houston, TX swing scene. We try our best to provide a fun, friendly environment for dancers of all levels while simultaneoulsy developing and maintaining Swing and Lindy dance venues.  
It's All Swing   [901 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Bostonian's site, with forum
Home of the Boston Tea Party  
Jive Junction   [945 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Home to Southern California Vintage Swing  
Jungle Swing -- Vancouver, BC, Canada   [923 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Vancouver, BC, Canada  
Kansas City Lindy Hop Society   [808 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    KCLHS was founded in the spring of 2004 by a group of dedicated swing dancers who wanted to create a volunteer based organization that would cultivate a stronger community of swing dancers in the Kansas City area.  
Kansas City Swing Forum   [998 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Kansas City Swing Forum  
Las Vegas -- Lindy Hop . Com   [1090 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Las Vegas Lindy Hop site  
Las Vegas Lindy   [954 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A Second LV Site.... also hosts Sin City Exchange  
Lindy Cafe   [965 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Midwest Swing Dance Forum  
Lindy Hop 411   [904 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Southern Florida Lindy Hop Site!  
Lindyhopper.Ca   [1086 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Canada's Swing Dance Forum  
MankatoSwing @ BlogSpot   [761 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    It's a coordination site via BlogSpot for Mankato  
Milwaukee's Jumpin' Jive Club   [1256 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Website only for Milwaukee events.  
Oberlin College Swing Society   [830 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    They're somewhat related to the Oberlin Jazz Dance Festival Wink Location? West of Cleveland, Ohio.  
Omaha JitterBugs   [882 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Omaha, NE swing forum  
Pensacola Swing   [1296 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    It's Pensacola Florida! They've got a forum under this site too.  
PhileSwing   [1296 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A Philadelphia Swing site with forum.  
Primordial Swing Dance (Albuquerque, NM)   [993 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A forum and more for Albuquerque , NM  
Purdue Night Train   [880 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Purdue's website and discussion list.  
Red Hot Swing -- Victoria, Canada   [1211 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A scene and performance troupe in Victoria, Canada!  
Sacremento, CA - SacTown Swing   [823 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Sacremento, CA  
St Louis Missouri, GateWay Lindy Hop   [856 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The first forum for St Louis, Missouri.  
St Louis Missouri, Lindy Llama's   [900 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The St. Louis Lindy Llamas is a forum dedicated to those who love swing dancing! Whether you lindy hop, east coast, west coast, rockabilly, imperial, jitterbug, charleston, balboa, bal-swing, shag or blues, the Dalai Llama wants welcomes each and every one of you to the St. Louis Lindy Llamas.  
Step Into Swing (Central Iowa)   [899 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    We're proud to introduce our new website. Take a look around and you will see that we've posted the latest information about Swing dancing events, venues, lessons and more in the Des Moines and Central Iowa area. And, we'll frequently post updates right here on the Home page so you'll know about the latest schedules, weather updates, and news!  
Swing Ann Arbor   [851 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A site devoted to the Ann Arbor, MI lindy scene.  
Swing Columbus   [1335 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Columbus, Ohio swing dance site and forum.  
Swing Des Moines   [940 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Des Moines Swing Site  
Swing Knoxville   [880 clicks] :: [->Favorites]

Knoxville Swing Dance Association  
Swing O Rama   [1732 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    San Diego's Swing Forum (and more)  
Swing society at the University of Illinois - Urbana   [1343 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    They host and exchange now too!  
Swing Vancouver   [893 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The other Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada swing site...  
swINgDIANA Avenue   [874 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Brought to you by the Indiana University Swing Dance Club and Naptown Stomp.  
Swingin' Montreal   [1548 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Voici les écoles de danse swing commanditaires de SwinginMontreal.com . En plus d'offire un enseignement de qualité, ils supportent activement la communauté swing de Montréal. Visitez leur site !  
SwingOut DC   [1019 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Washington DC's Forum  
The Official SwingDJs discussion board   [1311 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    This discussion board is for swing dance/radio DJ's to discuss their trade/profession/hobby.  
Toronto Lindy Hop   [1328 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Toronto Lindy Hop is a registered Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the progression and preservation of Lindy Hop and swing dancing in Toronto.  
Triangle Swing Dance Society   [1508 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The Triangle Swing Dance Society (i.e. TSDS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting swing dancing to live music in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. Our events are attended by people from all ages and backgrounds who are always friendly and ready to dance! Everyone is welcome to visit and join our organization.  
Tuscon Lindy Hop   [984 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Lindy in Tuscon, Arizona.  
UM Swing   [884 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Univesity of Manitoba Canada swing club. These guys are also responsible for the PLEX -- Prairie Lindy Exchange. February 2005 is TriPLEX, '04 was DuPLEX. You get the idea.  
Utah, Swing!   [1052 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    the Utah Swing Dance Association maintains this forum.  
UW Swing   [991 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    University of Wisconsin Madison swing club. Also the general site for all Madison Lindy Hop. They're also the host of the Madison Invasions.  
White Heat   [1083 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    "The Home for Seattle Lindy Hop"
Hey, that's what the website says.  
Windy Hop   [1260 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Chicago Land's discussion forum and more!  
Winnipeg Swing   [1213 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Hideously bright, suspiciously devoid of information.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Nothin' but love.  
Yehoodi   [911 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    The website for the hardcore hep-cat swinger!  

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