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News and Views '09/'10 # 12
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Allen Hall
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News and Views from the Hall LindyJazzMobile
‘09/’10 Installment # 12


Table of Contents:
1. Errata.
2. The Last Dance in Houston
3. Lindy in Louisville
4. An Incomplete Quasi-History of 19 years of Dance Wanderings-Part 2
5. Old Dances
6. Jazz Potpourri
7. Coming Attractions


I was mistaken, The Jonathon Stout “Campus Five” is not a sextet, but rather, it’s a quintet BECAUSE it’s name is “Jonathon Stout AND the Campus Five”

THE LAST DANCE IN HOUSTON (until the next dance in Houston)

It was, as always, on Sunday night, and it was, as always, good.

LINDY IN LOUISVILLE (Yes, we traveled, more like crept, from Houston to Louisville in 9 days, with stops in Shreveport, Little Rock, Mountain Home, and St. Louis, and all the while, we were sans dancing. Woe was upon us.)

Louisville Lindy Hopping is weekly on Thursday at “Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium”, 2345 Lexington Dr. at 8PM. It ‘s DJed by Ron Wallace, who has been some kind of a swing dance DJ since Jesus was a apprentice carpenter. About 30 of the loyal showed up, including some very experienced LHers, but we learned there was another dance opportunity that night. And, we also heard tell of movement to create another night for Lindy Hop in Louisville.
Rudy and I really enjoyed the music, all of which had the kind of rhythmic energy which transfers into dance insistence. I deduce this results from Ron’s experienced DJs ear finely tuned by 20+ years of DJing for all manner of swing dances. We heard music from some seldom heard artists. e.g. Mitch Woods, Earl Bostic, Johnny Johnson (If you’re interested, check Wikipedia for an interesting life in music). We heard two blues dance tempos, but most of the rest were clustered around 180 BPM. Each tune segued into the next with no break. This obviously brings more music to a dance, but I would prefer a short break of silence between recordings so I can complement my partner, exchange names, and do some post-dance schmoozing when I can hear and be heard.
The floor is hardwood parquet with a very nice surface. I am guessing it will comfortably accommodate 40 LH couples. and Porter’s routinely draws 200 dancers to a regular Tuesday night Bop dance.
There is adequate seating in the room, which is lavishly decorated—this ain’t no VFW hall. There is a full bar and the room is adequately lighted, so the huge mirrored disco ball is hardly noticeable. There is a generous parking lot, and, dig this, the cover is $2.
One of the benefits of our dance wandering is we learn about unusual city-specific dances. Ron Wallace and his partner Kristen Druis demoed a dance only done in Louisville. Called “Rat Race”, it has been danced there since the 1930s, and it really took off during WW-II with all the GI’s from Fort Knox crowding floors and making it difficult for Lindy Hop, Jitterbug or Foxtrot. There is a dance club in Louisville which does only “Rat Race”. “Rat Race” looks to be done either on time or half time, and so, it can be done to any 4/4 time music at most tempos. It is a partially traveling dance and partially stationary. The traveling line-of-dance part faintly resembles foxtrot with some drags or holds, and the stationary part resembles Bop, which is, in the main, a circling 6 count swing dance, mostly done in closed position.
Rudy and I remember Bop Dancing at Porter’s, circa early ‘90s, and the room has not changed an iota since then.
FFI go to www.louisvilleswingsociety.org


Let’s see, where were we? Oh! yes, we were listing the cities in the States where we have danced, and I had finished the two biggies, FL and CA. So, let’s persevere with the rest, in no particular order…whenever they come to what mind I have left.
Texas-8 (Houston/Fort Worth/ Dallas/Austin/San Antonio/ Denton/ Sugar Land/ El Paso)
Illinois- 4 (Chicago/East St. Louis/Tinley Park/ Naperville)
Indiana-3 (Indianapolis/West Lafayette/Hammond)
Iowa-3 (Des Moines/Clear Lake/Davenport)
Missouri-3 (St. Louis/Kansas City/Columbia)
Kansas-1 (Kansas City Kansas)
Minnesota-8 and more (Minneapolis/St. Paul/Mankato/St. Cloud/Winona/Northfield/Stillwater/beaucoup Mpls-St. P. suburbs/ and one little town where we danced in a church converted into a Blues joint)
Wisconsin-3 (Milwaukee/Madison/La Crosse)
Tennesee-2 (Memphis/ Chattanooga)
Kentucky-4 (Louisville/Covington/Newport/Fort Mitchell)
Louisiana-4 (New Orleans/Baton Rouge/Algiers/Lafayette)
Maryland-2 (Baltimore/Silver Springs)
Massacusetts-1 (Lowell)
Michigan-1 (Detroit)
District of Columbia-1 (D.C.)
Virginia-6 (Arlington/Alexandria/Richmond/Williamsburg/ Virginia Beach/Norfolk)
West Virginia-1 (Elkins)
Pennslyvania-3 (Philadelphia/York/Pittsburgh)
North Carolina-6 (Asheville/Wilmington/Raleigh/Durham/Winston-Salem/Southern Pines)
South Carolina-4 (North Myrtle Beach/ Myrtle Beach/Charleston/Columbus)
Georgia 3 (Atlanta/Augusta/Savannah)
Nevada 1 (Los Vegas)
Arizona-4 (Tucson/Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale)
Arkansas-1 (Little Rock)
North Dakota-1 (Fargo)
Colorado-1 (Denver)
Ohio-10 (Cleveland/Dayton/Cincinnati/Athens/Columbus/BeaverCreek/Kettering/Piqua/Hamilton/Sharonsville)
Oklahoma-1 (Tulsa)
New York-1 (New York City)
New Jersey-1(Jersey City)
Connecticut-1 (Stamford)

I hope the foregoing doesn’t sound like bragging. It’s just that I am becoming forgetful, and figured I needed to put some of this down on paper before it gets lost in the tangle of my synapses.


I panned the book “BarrelHouse Words” in a Loon review send out in a “Fruit o’ the Loon”, ‘n’ I ain’t retractin’ nuthin’, but I did gather from the book an interesting list of names for old dances. Behold!

1. Black Bottom, a barrelhouse dance from 1926.
2. Dooga, an obscure swing-era dance limited to pockets in Louisiana (1938).
3. Eagle Rock, a passé dance, or arm motion associated with the Turkey Trot (1913).
4. Fallin’ off a log, A 1920 barrelhouse dance.
5. Head Rag Hop, a name for a dance and dance party (1929).
6. Coonjine, an obscure 1929 dance.
7. Cootie Crawl, a black dance dating from 1919.
8. Georgia Grind, a 1915 dance named for a euphemism for sexual intercourse.
9. Scraunch, Scronch, or Georgia Scronch, a 1929 dance.
10. Shuffle, a Black dance with roots in slavery.
11. Slow Drag, A slow dance dating from 1901.
12. Turkey Trot, a black ante-bellum dance.
13. Two Step, one of three bedrock blues dances, along with Slow Drag and Shimmy.
14. Pigeon Wing or Chicken Wing, an anti-bellum dance.


1. As a born and raised-up native of St. Louis, I am proud that one of the best jazz stations in the country is coming out of the St. Louis area ethers at WSIE FM 88.7. It has little talk and much music, it mixes genres, but declines to include the more bizarre forms of modern jazz. It mixes vocals and instrumentals and I have not heard a recording, new or old, of poor music or that made by poor musicians. Do I fall down and weep with joy at every recording? Nope, but the music generates lots of smiles. Incidentally, the music is coming out of the studios in Southern Illinois University East. And when you think about it, most USA jazz stations originate in the studios of colleges and universities, and let us give thank for that.


1. Dancing in Dayton—and thereabouts
2. Jazz in Dayton—and thereabouts
3. Doubtless, some other de jour writings

Allen Hall, Lindy Hopper
April 5, 2010, in warming Dayton Ohio, and us with an auto A/C compressor turned to toast, one which will take $600 of government money to replace.
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