MNLindy Workshop Weekend II: Stefan and Bethany, July 21-23


Fri, 9-12 TCSwing's Dance*
(*Not included in workshop price)
Sat, 10-5 Workshops
Sat, 9-12 DJ'd Dance
Sun, 1-5 Workshops

Stefan and Bethany will likely attend Club Underground and the Times Sunday night.


Jazz Dance,
Lindy Choreography,
Fast Lindy,
Basic Technique,
Stefan and Bethany Lindy (TBD)


All events are held at 4 Seasons Dance Studio with the exception of TCSwing's 3rd Friday Dance, which is held at Tapestry.

4 Seasons
1637 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

3748 Minnehaha Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406

Stefan Durham

Stefan has been teaching dance in Portland for a few years now, and he has won some stuff at a variety of Lindy Hop competitions, but none of that really means anything because the real issue at hand is his unflagging, lifelong love for and devotion to partnered jazz dance. In his classes Stefan likes to teach lots of fun moves through which people can learn technique and have a grand old time while they're at it. He likes dancing really fast and really slow. He likes Charlie Chaplin and West African dancing. And he likes syncopating his steps as he's walking down the street, all cool-like.

Bethany Powell

Bethany Powell, a Maine native, was never "classically trained" but has found she tends to excel in the dances of the proletariat. You know, getting down. She quietly achieved the threshold of Swing Dance expertise in the Portland scene of the past few years and, having placed at the top in recent competitions throughout the country, she has come to be recognized as one of the most accomplished (zen-like?) follows in the area. Despite a profound appreciation for almost every dance style conceivable (most frequently tampering with modern, jazz, african-dance and hip-hop), Bethany must admit that partnered-dance has captured her attention in an unprecedented way. She is fascinated by its potential as a form of expression and communication, and tends to focus on teaching about the purity of connection (connection with one's partner as well as with music) like a zealot. Bringing her inimitable sense of playfulness to all her classes, Bethany looks forward to spreading the bright, singing beauty of Lindy-Hop and its related disciplines at the Viscount studios this fall.

Bios and photos from Viscount Studios


Registration is your payment. The workshop is $60 for the whole weekend, including Saturday's dance (Friday's is not included) or you may pay $15 at the door for any event. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Mail checks made out to Shawn Lavelle to 1328 NE Lake St #214, Hopkins, MN 55343.

Use the paypal button below.

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

Tentative Details

Go to 3rd Friday (9-12p)
w/ DJ Katie Gumpertz

930-1000 Registration/Check In
1000-1110 Lindy Boilerplate
1120-1230 Routine
1230-130 Lunch
130-240 Slow, Partnered Jazz Dance
250-400 Old-timey Jazz

9-12 DJ'd Dance @ 4 Seasons

100p-210p Towards Faster Dancing
220p-330p Charleston
340-450p Choreography Seminar

Go to Times Bar and Cafe (8-11p)


Class Descriptions


Lindy Boilerplate 10:00-11:10
Be on your game. Eye of the tiger. The joy is in the journey. This class teaches basic, handy stuff that will make the dance feel even better . Learn here how to move in more effective ways.with and without your partner. Try .em out, and new ideas of your own just might spring forth.

Routine Class 11:20-12:30
Dope, socially danceable moves for leads and follows alike. Taught with vim, this class will stretch your muscles and your memory.

Slow, Partnered Jazz Dancing 1:30-2:40
Down-tempo Lindy Hop is an amalgam of all sorts of cool crap. Balance, constant connection, and ability to move through the music are all nice to have when the music chills out. Here.s how to stay with your partner through both the slow and the fast times.

Old-timey Jazz 2:50-4:00
Solo dance routine; cool enough for the hot jazz.


Toward Faster Dancing 1:00-2:10
A class showing ways that you can relax into fast Lindy Hop, even as the tempos get crazy. Learn how to use the person (i.e., partner) attached to your hand to get better dancing out of less work. Pure and simple. Almost easy.

Charleston 2:20-3:30
Good enough for your grandparents, good enough for you. The shapes and rhythms of partnered Charleston underlie Lindy Hop. This class brushes up on some classics and puts a new twist on some old polyrhythms.

Choreography Seminar 3:40-4:50 Ideas and exercises on how to create a routine that flows, looks good, and.most importantly.feels good. Includes a short routine and a chance to do a little of your own .ography.