MNLindy Workshop IV: Adam Boehmer, December 1-3, 2006


1000-1800 Private Lessons
Saturday Night
2030-2400 TCSwing's 1st Saturday Dance
1130-1200 Registration
1200-1320 Charleston Freedom
1330-1440 Lindy Hop Volume
1440-1530 Snack Break
1530-1640 Tandemy Goodness
1650-1800 Dancing with Myself
Sunday Night
2030-2300 Twin Cities Hot Club


All events are held at Tapestry Folk Dance Center.

Tapestry Folk Dance Center
3748 Minnehaha Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406

Adam Boehmer

Adam's cool. Adam K Boehmer has been swing dancing for 9 years in the national swing scene, gaining momentum as an entertaining instructor, performer and educator. He has competed and placed in numerous national level competitions and taught workshops across the country in an attempt to keep an improvisational, raw swing style alive. The titles he is most proud of include The Spirit of Lindy Hop, First Place ULHS Diversity Forum, and Most Entertaining. Versed in Lindy Hop, Charleston and numerous other jazz dance standards, he keeps an eye on tradition while remaining innovative, versatile and free.

Naomi Meredith

By Adam's request, he'll be teaching with Minneapolis' own Mimi (Naomi) Meredith!


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

The workshop is 35$ US for all four classes (1$ paypal surcharge), or you may pay 12$ per class at the door.

Girls attending girlJam may attend all for workshops for 10$ (or 5$ each) if the financial burden to do both is too great.


You need only ask for the discount, please don't attempt to deceive the system.

Checks can be made out to Shawn Lavelle and mailed to 7430 Oak Park Village Dr #7, St Louis Park, MN 55426.

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Class Descriptions

Private Lessons Saturday, 1000-1800
Private lessons with Adam are available on Saturday for 50$/hr. Naomi is available to teach with Adam at an additional 10$/hr. Contact Shawn for registration and payment details.

TCSwing's 1st Saturday Dance Saturday Night, 2030-2400
Adam will be attending part of TCSwing's 1st Saturday Dance at Tapestry and giving a brief demonstration.

Registration Sunday, 1130-1200
Registration will be held in the Tapestry Lobby before classes begin.

Charleston Freedom Sunday, 1200-1320
Harness the simple structure of Charleston and learn to fill it full of individuality and character! We'll work on loosening up your basics, finding space for styling and adding new footwork to this classic dance.

Lindy Hop Volume Sunday, 1330-1440
In this class, learn to vary the intensity of your Lindy Hop. By keeping swing-outs and connection loose or tightening them up, you'll become a dancer with more tone and volume!

Snack Break Sunday, 1440-1530
Snack Break

Tandemy Goodness Sunday, 1530-1640
Here's where we take this often misunderstood dance and turn up the heat! Adam has made it his goal as of late to get everyone's Tandem Charleston lookin' hot... and not even the devil, with a handful of wet kittens, can stand in his way... In this class, we'll fine tune basics and blow off socks with great new moves and ideas.

Dancing with Myself Sunday, 1650-1800
Solo movement is sooooo important to becoming a better partner dancer. This class will focus on how to simply hang with the music instead of just inserting choreography from solo jazz routines. Learn how to build a movement from a simple chug and really sell it with confidence. This class is a MUST for solo charleston/blues junkies.

Twin Cities Hot Club Sunday Night, 2030-2300
Adam will be attending part of the TC Hot Club performance at the Times Bar and Cafe