MNLindy Workshop Series IV, V, VI: MNLindy Series IV, V, VI: Kelli Wilkerson and Jason Zabinski -- From Swingout to Jam Circle, Oct-Dec 2007


Starting In...

Monday, October 1
Basics but Better

Monday, October 8
Jazz I

Monday, October 15

Monday, October 22
Seperation and Connection

Monday, October 29
Basic Shine Steps

Stepping Up...

Monday, November 5
Jazz II

Monday, November 12
Moves: Lots of Them

Monday, November 19
Fast, then Really Fast

Monday, November 26
Advanced Charleston

Jam Time...

Monday, December 3
Lindy Clip Social

Monday, December 10
Jam Circle I

Monday, December 17
Jam Circle II


All events are held at Jawaahir Dance Studio.

Jawaahir Dance Studio
1940 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403


November is an Intermediate/Advanced class.

Dancer should be familiar with traditional moves. Now is the time to begin to understand how the dance and the music relate and interact. Fast Tempos up to 220bpm should be accessible to the dancer. Concepts of movement and musicality should have dawned on the dancer as well as the ability to improvise, vary simple moves to create interesting movements as well as footwork flourishes. The concept of thinking in two's can be an interesting discussion topic. The dancer should also have an understanding of the importance of outside exposure, travel, and different stylings, perhaps having already travelled or at least attended a locally hosted regional or national event. Connection is important in your dance because it creates that trust between you and your partner. You also know that connection is not simple but complex, consisting of points of connection, strength of the connection, direction of the connection, and more.

Kelli Wilkerson

Kelli has been dancing Lindy Hop, East coast swing, balboa and charleston since early 1998 and has been competing and teaching for 8 of those years. She has placed and won many national titles in many esteemed competitions such as The American Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Hollywood/Nation Jitterbug Competition, Swing by the Sea, Jitterbug Jam, Triple Crown Los Angeles, Boston Tea Party and many more. She has also taught workshops and lessons at many of the above named competitions and also in places such as San Francisco CA, Los Angeles Ca, Denver Colo, Minneapolis Mn, Madison WI, Boston MA, Nashville TN, Portland OR, Stamford CN, Pasadena Ca, Davis and Sacramento CA. She is a masterful fast lindy and Charleston dancer with a knack for showmanship who encourages great basics and fundamentals so you can have fun dancing with anyone at any speed.

Jason Zabinski

Jason has been dancing Lindy Hop since 1998, and teaching on and off since 1999. As a teacher he brings his enthusiasm and joy of movement to his students. He has performed by himself and with Lindy Movement at various events, including Frankie Manning's 88th Birthday Celebration and the Harlem jazz Dance Festival. Jason has competed and placed at ULHS and other various competitions, but his focus is social dance. Jason's style is based on using strong lead and follow technique to connect with his partner and the music.

Series Registrants
Leads Follows
  1. Craig Waltho
  2. Marshall Willams
  3. Chris Grunke
  4. Niko Balcom
  5. Chris Cochiarella
  6. Brent Casavant
  7. Dave Englehard
  8. Shawn Lavelle
  1. Kate Harvey
  2. Cynthia Waltho
  3. Emma Phillips
  4. Erin Medin
  5. Wing Li
October Registrants
Leads Follows
  1. Joel Gardner
  2. Erik Rantapaa
  1. Kristin Metcalf
  2. Sarah Newhouse
  3. Peg McKee
November Registrants
Leads Follows
  1. Erik Rantapaa
  2. John Zimmerman
  3. Anton Miakotin
  1. Kristin Metcalf
  2. Peg McKee
  3. Katie Gumpertz
  4. Cassie Foster
  5. Jeanine


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

The series is 135$ and each individual class is offered at 15$ per class at the door. Contact Shawn, information below, to purchase individual classes in advance or to mail a check as payment.

You may use the paypal button below to purchase a Series Passes, which includes a (4$) paypal service fee.

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Class Descriptions

Starting In...

Basics but Better Monday, October 1, 900p-1000p
Using advanced technique to really lead and follow basic movement and exploring the doors it opens up.

Jazz I Monday, October 8, 900p-1000p
Basic Lindy Jazz: boogie back, boogie fwd, boogie drop, susie q, fall of the log, shorty george, cross overs, tacky ann, 1/2 break, full break, etc. . .

Charleston Monday, October 15, 900p-1000p
Dance a whole song with charleston. Learn the basic types of lindy charleston (side by side, tandem, and so on) and then learn the basic "moves" in each style. (push outs, spins, etc)

Seperation and Connection Monday, October 22, 900p-1000p
Learn some basics for separating from your partner and how to come back together. Then learn ways to add free-styling footwork while still partnered, or during the time you separate from your partner.

Basic Shine Steps Monday, October 29, 900p-1000p
Learn when and how to throw shine steps into your basic swing outs. This class wil cover the basics: lay outs, kick aways, scissor kicks, cross steps, etc (for leads and follows).

Stepping Up...

Jazz II Monday, November 5, 900p-1000p
Basic Jazz step variations, and more complex patterns (i.e. Jason gets Funky).

Moves: Lots of Them Monday, November 12, 900p-1000p
This class will focus on really fun,and cool moves and groups of moves that work well together. A lot of them.

Fast, then Really Fast Monday, November 19, 900p-1000p
How to do basic lindy moves (swing out, texas tommy, lindy circle, etc) uptempo while still leading and following. Class will start around 200/220bpm and progress to upward towards 300bpm.

Advanced Charleston Monday, November 26, 900p-1000p
Challenging partner charleston, transitions in and out of charleston and badass solo charleston.

Jam Time...

Lindy Clip Social Monday, December 3, 900p-1000p
We'll get together at someone's house. Watch some bad ass clips (eat food). Answer questions (Musicality, competition, choreography. . . whatever). And break down some requested material from the video clips. Great prep for Jam Circle class.

Jam Circle I Monday, December 10, 900p-1000p
We will discuss how to approach jam circles. From musicality to shine steps as we will teach some flash moves. Class format will be jam style (obviously).

Jam Circle II Monday, December 17, 900p-1000p
We will continue from Jam Ciricle I showing some more badass moves, discussing more technique and answering questions. Class will culminate in a jam style competetion for. . . bragging rights? Free prize? Cash?

Contact Information

Shawn can be reached at:
7430 Oak Park Village Dr
St Louis Park, MN 55426