MNLindy Workshop Series VII: January Challenge Kelli Wilkerson and Jason Zabinski, Jan 2008


Starting In...

Monday, January 7
Routine pt 1

Monday, January 14
Routine pt 2

Monday, January 21
Socially Messed Up

Monday, January 28
Solo Routine


All events are held at Jawaahir Dance Studio.

Jawaahir Dance Studio
1940 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403


November is an Advanced class.

Dancer should be comfortable with musicality and movement concepts. No tempo frightens you. Creativity and expression on the floor is what you are looking for in your dances. Dancer has travelled and learned from a variety of teachers in a variety of places. Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues all have an interest to you and you work them into your dances as the music moves you. You understand that the fundamentals are key to this dance -- maybe even having revamped your swingout several times already.

Kelli Wilkerson

Kelli has been dancing Lindy Hop, East coast swing, balboa and charleston since early 1998 and has been competing and teaching for 8 of those years. She has placed and won many national titles in many esteemed competitions such as The American Lindy Hop Championships, Ultimate Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Hollywood/Nation Jitterbug Competition, Swing by the Sea, Jitterbug Jam, Triple Crown Los Angeles, Boston Tea Party and many more. She has also taught workshops and lessons at many of the above named competitions and also in places such as San Francisco CA, Los Angeles Ca, Denver Colo, Minneapolis Mn, Madison WI, Boston MA, Nashville TN, Portland OR, Stamford CN, Pasadena Ca, Davis and Sacramento CA. She is a masterful fast lindy and Charleston dancer with a knack for showmanship who encourages great basics and fundamentals so you can have fun dancing with anyone at any speed.

Jason Zabinski

Jason has been dancing Lindy Hop since 1998, and teaching on and off since 1999. As a teacher he brings his enthusiasm and joy of movement to his students. He has performed by himself and with Lindy Movement at various events, including Frankie Manning's 88th Birthday Celebration and the Harlem jazz Dance Festival. Jason has competed and placed at ULHS and other various competitions, but his focus is social dance. Jason's style is based on using strong lead and follow technique to connect with his partner and the music.


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

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January Challenge 2008

Class Descriptions

Starting In...

Routine pt 1 Monday, January 7, 900p-1000p
We will begin teaching a full lindy routine full of flash and trash. People can use the routine as a whole to showcase, steal specificmoves out of it to look cool, or use portions (phrases) to jam out in lindy circles.

Routine pt 2 Monday, January 14, 900p-1000p
We finish learning the rest of the routine we did not get to in part one.

Socially Messed Up Monday, January 21, 900p-1000p
Odd and out of the ordinary social dance moves and individual movement to put into your social dancing. We'll be looking at different rythyms to replace our footwork with, jazz movement replacing footwork, and really complex moves to lead and follow.

Solo Routine Monday, January 28, 900p-1000p
A full choreographed solo routine filled with jazz, charleston, and a little tiny bit of tap.

Contact Information

Shawn can be reached at:
7430 Oak Park Village Dr
St Louis Park, MN 55426