MNLindy Workshop Series XII: Savoy Non-Stop, September 2008


Monday, September 8th
900p-1000p Struttin' at the Savoy

Monday, September 15th
900p-1000p Keep on Struttin'

Monday, September 22nd
900p-1000p Jumpin' at the Savoy

Monday, September 29th
800p-900p Versatility and Dynamics
900p-1000p So You Think You Can Lindy Hop?


All events are held at Jawaahir Dance Studio.

Jawaahir Dance Studio
1940 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403


This is an Advanced class.

Dancer should be comfortable with musicality and movement concepts. No tempo frightens you. Creativity and expression on the floor is what you are looking for in your dances. Dancer has travelled and learned from a variety of teachers in a variety of places. Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues all have an interest to you and you work them into your dances as the music moves you. You understand that the fundamentals are key to this dance -- maybe even having revamped your swingout several times already.

Stacia Martin

Stacia wants you to know that she is a dancer because it makes her heart sing. She began dancing in Tampa in 2001 and has been spellbound ever since. She has performed at various events in Florida, at the Oakland Swing Dance Festival and most recently at the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown. She has been known to compete on occasion, but is most passionate about the thrill of social dancing and sweating and the magical glittery joy that it produces. In her teaching, she'll admit that her first love is to focus on the intangible and elusive art of connection and plain ol' leading/following.

Jason Zabinski

Jason has performed and taught from Harlem to California. He began dancing Lindy Hop in 1998 and has been teaching since 1999. Jason has been dancing Lindy Hop since 1998, and teaching on and off since 1999. As a teacher he brings his enthusiasm and joy of movement to his students. Jason's style is based on using strong lead and follow technique to connect with his partner and the music. He has an extensive knowledge of the dance and its history that he uses to preserve the wild excitement and energy of Swing in his dancing.

Series Registrants
Leads Follows
  1. Jeremy Fischer
  1. Christi Fields


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

The series is 50$ and each individual class is offered at 15$ per class at the door. Contact Shawn, information below, to purchase individual classes in advance or to mail a check as payment.

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Class Descriptions

Monday, September 8th
Struttin' at the Savoy Monday, September 8th, 900p-1000p
This class will cover materiel to let Lindy Hoppers show off and strut their stuff, whether that's in a jam circle or just showing off for friends. We'll cover materiel that will let you shine individually or with a partner to several different tempos.

Monday, September 15th
Keep on Struttin' Monday, September 15th, 900p-1000p
We'll continue to teach moves and movement to allow Lindy Hoppers to shine. You do not have to have taken Struttin' at the Savoy to take this class. The materiel taught in this class will be separate from the Struttin' at the Savoy class.

Monday, September 22nd
Jumpin' at the Savoy Monday, September 22nd, 900p-1000p
This class will be on dancing fast. We'll start out slow (220bpm) and start working our way up. The focus will be on how to swing out, lead and follow moves, and integrate charleston smoothly at higher tempos.

Monday, September 29th
Versatility and Dynamics Monday, September 29th, 800p-900p
Is your Lindy Hop on auto pilot? Stacia and Niki will challenge you to think about your dancing from a variety of style-perspectives to help you infuse inspired movement and energy into your dancing. We'll explore elements of fluidity and tension, as well as rhythmic and directional variation. Join us in our pursuit to break routine and become more versatile and dynamic dancers.
This 5th class outside our regular time is free with purchase of a series pass! Otherwise it is 15$.

So You Think You Can Lindy Hop? Monday, September 29th, 900p-1000p
Step on stage and do your thing in front of our "panel of experts". Niki and Stacia (and special peer guests) will provide valuable individual feedback on your basics. Bring your swing-out, a sense of humor, and check egos at the door. You'll walk away with more confidence and clarity in your dancing.

Contact Information

Shawn can be reached at:
7430 Oak Park Village Dr
St Louis Park, MN 55426