MNLindy Workshop V: Todd and Ronni visit from Denver, CO, February 15-18, 2007

(Friday's Blues classes have already sold out.)


1000p-1200a Late Night Swing

900a-600p Private Lessons

Friday Night Blues
630p-700p Registration
700p-810p Intro to Vintage Blues
820p-930p Blues/Slow Tempo Itinerary

Third Friday Swing
1000p-100a TCSwing's 3rd Friday

900a-100p Private Lessons
230p-340p Anatomy of a Swingout
350p-500p Technique, Technique, Technique!
510p-620p Go Faster!
900p-1200a Dance?

1200p-110p Ditching the Slot
120p-230p Good Old-Fashioned Footwork
240p-350p I Didn't See It Comin'
600p-800p Aerials (Class?)
900p-1100p Twin Cities Hot Club


All events are held at Four Seasons Dance Studio.

Four Seasons Dance Studio
1637 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Todd and Ronni


Although Todd & Ronni just started competing in 2005, they already host a long list of accolades including sweeping 1st place in every division at the Colorado State Swing Championships, earning several top placements at the National Jitterbug Championships and their favorite accomplishment, 1st place at Midwest Lindyfest Amateur Lindy Hop Showdown.

They enjoy being part of 23 Skidoo! a nationally renowned dance troupe based in Denver, with which they travel, teach and perform all year round. As part of Skidoo they studied true vintage lindy hop, Whitey's style, with crazy energy and crazy that they have both, at different times, managed to kick each other in the face while performing...but they are past that now.

On the dance floor, they are known for their creativity, individuality and interaction. Off the dance floor, their uniqueness doesn't stop there because their teaching style is an unusual mix of comedy vs. drama, and you never know who will be who. When they aren't dancing, they enjoy pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. They aren't much into yoga, but get down with champagne.

Todd Dewey

Claiming to be "pre-Gap commercial", Todd is one of the founding members of the Denver swing scene. Although he has been performing for several years, it was only after Ronni came into his life and consented to be his partner ("no" sometimes means "yes") that he joined "23 Skidoo!" and started competing. Since then, he has taken his dancing to a new level, winning several competitions, including sweeping 1st place in all lindy divisions at the Colorado State Swing Championships, 1st place in the Jack & Jill at Cowtown Jamborama and 1st place at Midwest Lindyfest in the Amateur Lindy Hop Showdown. He is also a 3 time National Jitterbug Champion. Having adapted to various trends in the lindy scene over the years, Todd finally decided that finding his own unique style and committing to it was the best thing he could have ever done for his dancing. He believes that each dancer should find what works for them and pursue it.

Ronni Creel

Ronni has been dancing and teaching since 2001 and has weathered all the phases the lindy world has gone through, adapting to whatever the trends threw at her. After moving to Denver and joining the dance troupe "23 Skidoo!" she says she learned what real lindy hop was, Whitey.s style, with energy, lots of airtime and blazing tempos. As with everything, Ronni jumped full-force into competing in 2005, taking home 10 national awards in one year, including sweeping 1st place in every lindy division at the Colorado State Swing Championships, 1st place in Am Jack & Jill at the National Jitterbug Championships, and 1st place in the Open Jack & Jill at Cowtown Jamborama. This year she has already brought home a few more top placements like 1st place in the OCLX Judges Call It Jack & Jill and 1st place at the Midwest Lindyfest Am Lindy Hop Showdown. Ronni has decided that you have to be a good solo dancer to be a good social dancer and discovered that she has a knack for teaching any white boy how to move. Speaking of teaching, Ronni actually holds a degree in it, so don.t make her get 4th grade on you.


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

This workshop has a slate of pricing options available, but the exact prices will be set at a future date. There are basically 4 components to the weekend: Friday's Blues, Sat and Sun workshops, and the Aerials Practice. Prices will be set for Fri only, Sat/Sun only, Sat&Sun, Fri&Sat&Sun. The dances and aerials have extra, unlisted costs. Contact Shawn for details or watch MinnesotaLindy.COM.

Each individual class is offered at 15$ per class.

Friday Night Blues:
25$ - Regular

Saturday Day Pass:
35$ - Regular
25$ - Student

Sunday Day Pass:
35$ - Regular

Lindy Pass (Sat and Sun):
50$ - Early Bird/Student
60$ - After Jan 15th

TR Full Pass (all 3 days):
65$ - Early Bird
80$ - After Jan 15th

If you buy right, it's less than 10$ per awesome class!

Checks can be made out to Shawn Lavelle and mailed to 7430 Oak Park Village Dr #7, St Louis Park, MN 55426.

Online registration has now closed. You may, of course, pay at the door.

n/a Fri Night Blues (26$)
Lindy Pass (62.00$)
n/a T&R Full Pass (83.00$)

Saturday Pass (36$)
Sunday Pass (36$)

Student Rates
You must be under 25 and be able to present valid student ID to qualify for these rates.

n/a Fri Night Blues (15$)
Lindy Pass (52$)
n/a T&R Full Pass (67$)

Saturday Pass (25$)
Sunday Pass (36$)


Class Descriptions

Late Night Swing Thursday, 1000p-1200a
Todd and Ronni may give a brief demonstration and dance the night away with us.

Private Lessons Friday, 900a-600p
Todd and Ronni are available for private lessons. Contact Shawn to schedule one today as space is limited! Time slots are also available on Saturday.

Registration Friday Night Blues, 630p-700p
Register for the weekend now.

Intro to Vintage Blues Friday Night Blues, 700p-810p
Get started on slow drag blues and other basics for slower tempos. The blues class have limited space, register now to guarentee a spot!

Blues/Slow Tempo Itinerary Friday Night Blues, 820p-930p
Increase your slow tempo vocabulary with these attention-getting moves. The blues class have limited space, register now to guarentee a spot!

Registered Leads (12/12) Registered Follows (12/12)
  1. Shawn M.
  2. John Z.
  3. Brian M.
  4. George E.
  5. Chris G.
  6. Brent C.
  7. John G. (Madison)
  8. Brandon M. (Madison)
  9. Niko B.
  10. Dan F.
  11. Steve I.
  12. Michael O.
  1. Chelsea V.
  2. Mimi
  3. Ginger
  4. Karen M.
  5. Erin M.
  6. Liz J.
  7. Nicole S. (Madison)
  8. Laura S. (Madison)
  9. Aimee T. (Madison)
  10. Jessica M. (Madison)
  11. April O.
  12. Kate F.

TCSwing's 3rd Friday Third Friday Swing, 1000p-100a
It's TCSwing's regularly scheduled 3rd Friday Swing Dance! With DJ Katie Gumpertz, it's sure to be a night full of fun and inspiring dancing.

This event is hosted by TCSwing, not MNLindy. It is 10$/8$ for regular/student admissions. It is hosted at the Tapestry Folk Dance Center, located at 38th and Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis, MN. Anyone who purchases a weekend or blues pass will receive a 4$ off coupon for this dance!

Private Lessons Saturday, 900a-100p
Todd and Ronni are available for private lessons. Contact Shawn to schedule one today as space is limited! Time slots are also available on Friday.

Anatomy of a Swingout Saturday, 230p-340p
Learn to swingout or correct your technique! Breaking it down & building it back up. Where you should be and what you should do on every single step.

Technique, Technique, Technique! Saturday, 350p-500p
Looking and feeling good so people brag about you 'n stuff. ;) For leads and follows alike!

Go Faster! Saturday, 510p-620p
Techniques for dancing to quicker tempos so you don't lose your cool.

Dance? Saturday, 900p-1200a
If schedules permit, we might have a special dance for Todd and Ronni this night, or maybe a house party. Keep watching this page and MinnesotaLindy for breaking news! THIS EVENT MAY HAVE AN ADDITIONAL COST.

Ditching the Slot Sunday, 1200p-110p
Tired of swing out, swing out, tuck turn, pass, swingout, pass, etc? Get out o f the rut with this stuff.

Good Old-Fashioned Footwork Sunday, 120p-230p
There's a lot more than step-step-triple-step. Try these slides and variations on for size.

I Didn't See It Comin' Sunday, 240p-350p
Easy airtime lifts and jumps you can swing in and out of.

Aerials (Class?) Sunday, 600p-800p
Todd and Ronni will be helping out the Aerials Practice Group at the Gym. To get the most out of this, if you're planning on attending, you should also plan on attending at least 2 practice group sessions prior to become familiar with the format of the group. The group hones aerials already learned with no instruction provided. Prior aerials experience is mandatory and the group will meet every two weeks starting Jan 7, see MNLindy for more details.

This event is held at Midwest Gymnastics. Midwest Gymnastics is located at 1160 Red Fox Rd, St Paul, MN 55112.

Free entrance only for college students who pay for the weekend at the discounted student rate. Everyone else has to pay $5.

Twin Cities Hot Club Sunday, 900p-1100p
Finishing off the weekend with Dinner and Dancing to Robert Bell's Twin Cities' Hot Club.

The Times Bar and Cafe is a bar located at 2nd and Hennepin in Minneapolis, just across the river and kitty-korner to Nye's Polynesian. There is a occasionally enforced 2 drink minimum and at some point in the evening it does become 21+.