MNLindy Workshop VI: January Challenge: Peter Strom w/Melissa Varriano, January 4-6, 2008


900p-1200a January Challenge Opening Dance

1100a-1200p Connection Time
1215p-130p Leading to Please
230p-330p Following to Please
345p-445p Get into the Groove

Saturday Night
900p-1230a Mouldy Figs @ TCSwing's 1st Saturday

1200p-100p Multiple Choice Moves
115p-215p Smooth Transitions
230p-330p TBA

Sunday Night
900p-1100p Twin Cities Hot Club


Four Seasons Dance Studio
1637 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tapestry Folk Dance Center
3748 Minnehaha Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55406


November is an Advanced class.

Dancer should be comfortable with musicality and movement concepts. No tempo frightens you. Creativity and expression on the floor is what you are looking for in your dances. Dancer has travelled and learned from a variety of teachers in a variety of places. Charleston, Balboa, Shag, Blues all have an interest to you and you work them into your dances as the music moves you. You understand that the fundamentals are key to this dance -- maybe even having revamped your swingout several times already.

Peter Strom


When he is not teaching Lindy Hop, Peter Strom roams the earth personally recommending what music people should listen to. He has been a featured instructor at workshops all over the world from Australia, to Korea, to Sweden, to France and more, as well as all over the States. He has won titles from such competitions as ALHC, NADC, NYLHO, ULHS, and the USOSDC, some of the fanciest acronyms in Lindy Hop. He is also a 2006 Finnish wife-carrying champion (seriously). Specifically, Peter is most passionate about social dancing and its technique, in both Lindy Hop and Finnish wife-carrying, and he is a member of the fancy-footed Silver Shadows Lindy Hop reenactment group. Ask Peter how you can pay him in guacamole.

Melissa Varriano


Melissa Varriano, more notably known to all as Mel, was introduced to the wonderful world of Lindy Hop in the Fall of 1998 while residing in San Diego, CA. Since that day she has dedicated herself to traveling all over the United States and Europe, taking workshops from numerous talented instructors, teaching classes in several locations, competing at various events, organizing local events, and dancing the nights away whenever possible.

On October 23, 2003, Mel injured her knee and had ACL reconstructive surgery along with orthroscopic surgery on her Meniscus. She has since fully recovered and is back in the world of dancing, traveling, and teaching.


Registrations are your payment. The workshops vary in price, length, level, and attendance. You may pay at the door for any event, but preregistration is greatly appreciated. You may pay/register either by check, cash, or paypal (which includes credit card).

Early payment is greatly appreciated.

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January Challenge 2008


Class Descriptions

January Challenge Opening Dance Friday, 900p-1200a
Opening dance for the month.

Connection Time Saturday, 1100a-1200p
If you want to improve as a partner dancer, then it's essential to peel back the layers of what you already know and learn some new ways to make partnering easier and more comfortable, more nuanced, and plain old better. Peter's here to help you do just that.

Leading to Please Saturday, 1215p-130p
Making your leading not just clear, but comfortable, and convincing. Learn to lead with conviction and smoothness so that your follows have more fun.

Following to Please Saturday, 230p-330p
A leader's perspective on what feels good and what doesn't. Learn to be a more sensitive follower and have an easier time following while being able to put more of yourself into the dance.

Get into the Groove Saturday, 345p-445p
Once your dancing is in the groove, it's all musical and things can flow naturally. Learn how the music works and learn how to express it better in your dancing.

Mouldy Figs @ TCSwing's 1st Saturday Saturday Night, 900p-1230a
The classic sounds of the Mouldy Figs will be heard at Tapestry this Saturday, playing for TCSwing's 1st Saturday Swing Dance. This event will cost 8/10$ and is hosted by TCSwing.

Multiple Choice Moves Sunday, 1200p-100p
Great chance for both leaders and followers to challenge themselves. From one simple move we'll expand the options to keep followers on their toes and keep leaders clear and confident.

Smooth Transitions Sunday, 115p-215p
Followers and leaders learn how to keep things smooth and comfortable while changing the partnership from monologue to dialogue.

TBA Sunday, 230p-330p

Twin Cities Hot Club Sunday Night, 900p-1100p
Finishing off the weekend with Dinner and Dancing to Robert Bell's Twin Cities' Hot Club.

The Times Bar and Cafe is a bar located at 2nd and Hennepin in Minneapolis, just across the river and kitty-korner to Nye's Polynesian. There is a occasionally enforced 2 drink minimum and at some point in the evening it does become 21+.

Contact Information

Shawn can be reached at:
7430 Oak Park Village Dr
St Louis Park, MN 55426